Boots and hats and fur, oh my! Winter is upon us and with it comes the cozy accessories that make the freezing temperatures bearable. While peacoats seemed to be all the rage last winter, faux fur has taken over street style this year. With its wintery and wild appearance, faux fur offers a unique twist on this season’s usual attire. A particular trend that has been cropping up across the country is the faux fur vest.

This Fashionista pairs her faux fur vest with a deep green sweater and dark wash jeans. The different colors of her hair complement the different tones in her vest, creating a whole array of earthy brown tones. To add an extra bit of flair, she layered a jeweled statement necklace over her sweater and added buckled booties. One way to alternate this look would be to choose a longer necklace and swap the booties for riding boots.

For the more adventerous Fashionistas, designers have created vests in different patterns and colors. Deep maroon and icy white fur have the ability to take your outfit to a whole new level. My personal favorite is the cheetah print faux fur vest. Combined with an all-black outfit and classic red lipstick, the cheetah pattern can create a bold statement while still remaining classy.

How To: Dress up your favorite knit sweater with a fluffy fur vest. Another way to style this fur vest is over a basic denim top. Wear your denim and fur with a pair of black leggings to create a look that is both comfy and cute.