December 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

It seems that no street style outfit is complete without a piece of eye-catching outerwear this fall. There has been a constant tendency for people to incorporate fur into their outfits this season. As the winter season approaches, faux fur is not only cozy, but it is also an affordable animal friendly trend! This Fashionista is wearing a black faux fur vest, edgy black jeans, and a black mesh long sleeve top. To accessorize this outfit she paired it with classic black booties and a black choker. In addition to this, she has a small purse with a pom-pom key chain attached. This key chain is made of faux fur as well and has been a popular accessory this year.

The statement piece of this outfit would have to be the black faux fur vest. This piece puts the outfit together but also keeps it minimalistic. To get this black faux fur vest for an affordable price, you can go to H&M or other stores such as Forever21. Not only are fur vests great for this season, fur coats are becoming a hit as well. They come in different colors, textures and animal prints.

Another basic necessity would be this Fashionista’s black denim jeans with two ripped knees. These jeans are a perfect basic item to incorporate into your winter wardrobe. To get these high waist two ripped knee jeans at an affordable price you can go online to stores like ASOS.

For a street style outfit, this faux fur vest is a great component for a cozy fall day and can be worn in different ways as the winter approaches. Not only is faux fur outerwear eye-catching, it can tie any outfit together! You cannot go wrong with a statement piece to wear on a fall day in Central Park.