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One of my absolute favorite trends for winter 2015 is faux fur. Whether it’s in the form of a jacket, vest or accessory, fur is always an eye-catching and stylish choice for the current season. Not only that, but fur also helps every Fashionista/o stay warm, while still looking hip and chic.

This Fashionista is a prime example of how to rock faux fur. She initially caught my eye walking in downtown State College with her awesome maroon vest. After stopping her and looking more closely, I fell in love with her entire outfit.

She wore a long sleeve pinstripe button-up, which she tied up cutely at the bottom, that looked cool and edgy paired with her large bib necklace layered over the collar. With her maroon vest and a pair of (unbelievably awesome) white cat-eye sunglasses, she looked like a walking retro model. She completed the look simply with a dark pair of skinny jeans and ankle booties, as to not distract from the accessories of the outfit.

The vest was not only the standout piece in this ensemble, but it replaced whatever heavy jacket she may have worn instead. Faux fur is not only stylish, it’s a weather-appropriate option as well.

How To: Own a fur jacket or vest that you don’t know what to wear it with? Your fur piece can be an accent piece if paired correctly. Try a long flannel underneath or a basic long sleeve shirt so you can still accessorize.