ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fashionably Floppy

They’re everywhere. You’ve seen them on the runway, on trendy bloggers and on your campus. The floppy, fashionable hat is taking the fashion world by storm. Why? Because they’re the elegant way to hide all sins. I’m pretty sure when Taylor Swift sings, “Darling I’m a nightmare dressed as a daydream,” she’s talking about these hats. They hide bad hair days and make laziness look cool. This simple accessory is incredibly versatile and is perfectly paired with ripped denim and cozy coats or luxe leather and delicate dresses.

While this trend may be everywhere, this Fashionista stood out with the way she styled this hat. She is the perfect combination of the subtle, soft grunge trend. Her ripped black denim jeans and undone combat boots set the dark, cool girl tone for the look. Her oversized gray coat is the perfect way to stay stylish in the bitter temperatures. She masters accessorizing by keeping with the color palette while adding softness to the look. Her black and white patterned scarf and black and maroon leather bag use print and material to add depth to the overall outfit. Her final touch, the hat, ties the ensemble together, adding to the darkness of the look and making a minimalistic look subtly trendy.

How To: Your hat won’t stand out unless you do. Pair a chunky oversized sweater with knee-high socks and combat boots before topping off your look with the perfect floppy hat. Pick one in a color you’ll wear often and a shape that flatters your face.