ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fashion, Meet Eclectic

One thing I love about street style is that you never know what you’re going to stumble upon. Each and every person has their own sense of what fashion and style means and it’s a privilege to hear all of their stories. This Fashionista recently went to Saint Kitts and bought this dress from a native man who was at the bottom of a volcanic mountain. It’s homemade and RAD! It’s definitely a piece you cannot find here in the states. After telling me a few stories I got a grasp on her whimsical personality and realized it completely coincides with her style.

This Fashionista’s boho dress shows off her hippie personality. Earthy tones and floral patterns are what makes this dress down-to-earth. The best part about a dress that has beading and designs at the neckline is that there is no need for a necklace. Finding one article of clothing that provides both an outfit and its accessories is a great find! To add more of her personality to her outfit, this Fashionista wears handmade bracelets paired with bangles to add some flair. Her low-rise gladiator sandals tie the look together from top to bottom. An easy slip-on like this is perfect for the hot summer months so feet aren’t suffocating in socks and sneakers. I would never pick out these items and pair them together, but this Fashionista knows her personal style and has the confidence to pull it off!

How To: You too can be hippie-chic, even if your clothes aren’t made from an indigenous islander. Many stores like Free People or Anthropologie embody this laid-back style. Opt for a dress with wild enough patterns that it can stand alone without any jewelry to accompany it and stick to natural colors like brown, green or orange for your sandal choice. The key is to look effortless so go find a quiet rock, meditate and find your own personal style zen.