ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fashion Fusion

I know that as a girl, I am supposed to shop in the women’s section when I go into stores. I tend to do so when it comes to pants and other bottoms because those clothes are designed to fit the curves of a woman’s body. Then again, as a not so petite female, I am also very drawn to the more relaxed fit of men’s clothing. I know I cannot be the only girl that finds a father’s or boyfriend’s sweatshirt to be so much more comfortable than their own.

This Fashionisto has the same mentally. Style shouldn’t be about what a boy or girl should or should not wear, but more about what suits your personality and what you feel most comfortable in. What first drew my eye to him was the texture of his sweater. It looked so soft and cozy, and the color is one of my favorites. Comfortable fabrics are something that anyone can appreciate.

Then I noticed all the other little details of his outfit. I loved that the fur lining of the parka, from the women’s section, ran all the way down the closure of the coat. It is a cool alternative to those that only have it along the hood. I am also always a fan of shoes without laces. Buckles and zippers on boots are awesome for when it is too cold to mess with taking off gloves to retie stubborn shoestrings that won’t stay put.

The combination of smaller detailed necklaces and the larger statement piece were perfect additions to tie this gender-neutral outfit together. I loved when he admitted that his coat was from the women’s section at Urban Outfitters and perfectly stated that, “fashion has no gender.”

How To: Don’t be afraid to browse stores or sections of stores that you normally tend to stay away from. You might come across something that could become your new favorite article of clothing or accessory. I just think of it as a way to double my shopping options!