ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fashion And Function

With the Minnesota winter in full force, bundling up is a necessity; from hats and earmuffs to mittens and gloves, every student seems to find the best way to keep themselves warm. Scarves have always been a staple for Fashionistas/os; however there seems to be a choice between choosing a fashionable scarf that will not do much to keep you warm or sacrificing style to wear a warm scarf. However, this Fashionista does not sacrifice fashion for function, and instead, wears an oversized, colorful LOFT scarf to keep herself warm while remaining fashionable.

This winter, the oversized scarf has become a staple accessory in many Fashionistas/os’ wardrobes. Oversized scarves come in a plethora of patterns, such as houndstooth, plaid and paisley. You can also find them in colors ranging from solids to multi-colored. There is a pattern and color to complement any cold day outfit. One of the many features of oversized scarves is that they can be worn many different ways. While this Fashionista simply double wraps her scarf around her neck like a loose bow, oversized scarves can be worn as a wrap, tied into an infinity knot or simply tossed around the neck. With countless ways to style an extra large scarf, it is the perfect accessory for a snowy day.

With bright colors, a striped pattern and even some sparkles, this Fashionista’s oversized scarf is a bold statement piece. Paired with a simple, cream cardigan and maroon top that complements the colors in the scarf, the oversized scarf is the main feature of this Fashionista’s outfit. With her hair pulled back into a top bun, the intricate detailing of the scarf can be seen from every angle. She also wears a pair of emerald, teardrop earrings that complement the many colors of her scarf. This Fashionista is truly dressed from head to toe as she sports a pair of multicolored socks that carry the striped pattern from her oversized scarf throughout her entire outfit.

How To: If you find yourself searching through your winter clothes only to find cardigans and sweaters to be your only option, try adding an oversized scarf to your outfit to add a layer of texture and warmth. Choose a pattern or color that fits your personality and pair it with a simple cardigan or sweater, allowing the scarf to be the statement piece of your outfit. If you’re feeling super adventurous, try adding a pair of socks that peek out from your boots that match the pattern in your scarf.