ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall Favorites

It is officially fall, proof of which being the return of the beloved pumpkin spice lattes, colorful leaves and ABC Family’s Hocus Pocus reruns. The most exciting part of fall though, for me, is the fashion. From the chunky knits to the return of all types of boots, warmth is what it is all about, and style just comes naturally. Not to mention, oversized everything is acceptable. It’s also the perfect time for taking your summer favorites and adding layers of accessories and a great time to really define your style. Accessories are such a crucial part of fall fashion to me. From shoes to the makeup, it really is a great time to experiment with new styles and colors that you may have been scared to try before.

As much as I love to experiment with my style, one accessory is consistently a part of my wardrobe: blanket scarves. They’re cozy, cute and so versatile that it’s not uncommon to see me wearing one almost everyday in the fall. That’s why I was drawn to this Fashionista. Her blanket scarf paired with Converse and a cute drawstring trench coat really all just worked so well together that I had to stop her. I really loved the muted turquoise color of the jacket and the deep mauve of her shoes, and the scarf really brought it together.

How To: Blanket scarves, as cozy and cute as they are, can sometimes be a little overwhelming. They are big and can almost wear you if not worn correctly. To ensure you wear it while still looking stylish, try to keep your other garments tighter or closer to the body. Dimension and proportion is key here, so pair it with skinny jeans, and maybe a lightweight knit top. If you choose to wear a jacket like this Fashionista did, make sure it is structured instead of puffier.