ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall Calls for Scarves and Denim

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall Calls for Scarves and Denim

This week on campus, the weather has definitely seen a change. It’s starting to get chilly and the leaves are turning brown. I have seen the typical Instagram posts of apple and pumpkin picking and even felt the pain of midterms. But if you take a closer look on campus, you’ll notice our Fashionistas are still finding a way to look rad around campus. Somehow when in the library and studying, they find the time to look their best and get stuff done, like a #GirlBoss.

This Fashionista has been seen around campus during this fall midterm week, looking her raddest self. She is rocking a denim jacket and sneakers, which are two of the classic ’90s looks that are coming back into style for us millennials. This Fashionista has pulled in a trendy, knit scarf to really pull her fall look together. You also have to notice that she is wearing pretty monotone colors, careful not to have any one piece overpower another.

The brown knit with the pearls earrings and her red hair are really the details that help bring this into a full fall look. That is what makes this all about the details; her style is unique and totally #RAD, but overall it’s the small details that pull this look together.

Have you ever felt bulky in a fluffy, winter scarf? A chilly fall day gives you the perfect excuse to try and perfect this look. If you mix this scarf with small jewelry, such as pearl earrings, and a pretty monotone outfit, you are guaranteed to pull it off.