ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fabulously Furry

Unfortunately, for those of us who go to school in colder climates (I’m looking at you, New England), weather becomes a huge factor in what we are and are not able to wear. Don’t get me wrong, I love my L.L.Bean Boots and oversized sweaters just as much as the next girl; however, I find it frustrating when it gets too cold to be able to wear much else. Winter fashion is fun at first, but after the first month of walking to class in a frozen tundra, I end up finding it difficult not to let warmth take complete precedence over style. Do you ever find yourself in this dilemma? Don’t worry, you won’t anymore.

We all remember being sent to elementary school looking like a marshmallow every day because of the huge, puffy ski jackets that our parents forced us to wear. Thankfully, there’s so many other more flattering ways to brave the dead of a New England winter. What better way to keep warm and cozy than in a fur-lined jacket like the one from Urban Outfitters that this Fashionista was rocking? Good question! There isn’t one.

There’s a reason that (faux) fur is so on-trend right now; it just makes sense. Aside from being one of the warmest options on the market, it’s super cute and unique. From lined jackets, like the one that this Fashionista was sporting, to fur-detailed hoods and even to jackets made entirely of the fun fabric, there is a relatively affordable fur solution for even the most skeptical trendsetter. This Fashionista paired her simple sweater with vegan leather leggings and boots, finishing the look with a pair of dark shades before adding her ah-mazing jacket. Even though she would have looked fabulous wearing absolutely anything under her fur lined jacket the rest of her outfit was “on fleek,” if I do say so myself.

How To: Basics like a good faux fur jacket, a pair of vegan leather leggingsboots and some darkly colored shades will get you far. My pro-tip of the day? Opting for darker colored sunglasses will carry you through every season no matter where you are.