Now that summer is halfway over, many Fashionistas/os have exhausted their planned warm weather go-to’s and are looking to mix it up in the final weeks of unstructured time. Getting lazy and throwing on the first pair of shorts in your closet is tempting in this heat, but there are other ways to keep cool while still experimenting with a new trend.

This Fashionista’s cropped flare jeans immediately caught my attention. Denim is being reworked into different styles and lengths all the time, and this new trend highlights your waist when paired with a shorter top. While one might worry they can’t pull these pants off in July, styling this look with a breezy tank allows air flow to prevent overheating even though more fabric is present.

What makes this look so fun is that her accessories transform the typical jeans and a T-shirt uniform into a distinct personal canvas. How can you not be interested in this Fashionista and where she’s headed with one glance at her at her quirky evil eye handbag? This increasingly popular pattern is popping up all over fashion pieces lately and gives the vibe of its wearer always watching, perhaps for new fashion trends. Coupled with her classically reconstructed leather choker, this Fashionista showcases her personal taste and current style interests against a more classic background.

The black wedges and naturally dried hair make her look chic which finishes off the look. This Temple University Fashionista is ready to hit the pavement exploring the school’s city campus, local coffee shops and vintage storefronts.

How To: Start off with a pair of cropped flares that accentuate your body type and then add a T-shirt that grazes the top of your jeans, such as a crop top. The accessorizing possibilities are wide open! It’s the perfect opportunity to wear an accessory you might normally pass over. Break out that abstract bag or funky statement jewelry piece you never wear and flaunt your unique character with pride.