ALL IN THE DETAILS: Eye-catching Accents

I have said it before and I am sure I will say it many times again, but I truly believe in the power of a neutral outfit. Shades of navy, black, grey and beige largely adorn the racks in my color-coordinated closet. Neutrals are the way to go if you’re uncertain of what to wear or how to incorporate crazy patterns, designs and colors into your outfits. One of the greatest aspects of a primarily neutral outfit is that there are many ways to accessorize and tailor your look so that it takes on your own persona and fits to your Fashionista/o ways.

This Fashionsta knows how to reflect her own style in her outfit of choice. The predominantly neutral nature of her chosen apparel is brought to life by all the small, detail-oriented accents that she dons. One of my favorite features of this style are the small, glittery sequins that adorn her lace-trimmed sweater. The attribute is just enough to make the outfit sparkle and shine. It is a naturally eye-catching aspect that draws attention to her well-put together outfit. She also adds detail by way of her dainty accessories. Her beautiful beaded bracelets and glamorous rings are an elegant touch to enhance her look. The Fashionista completes her look with booties that are utterly swoon worthy. The practicality of the shoes are suitable for a day spent running from class to class or even strolling up and down the streets of Manhattan on a chilly winter’s day.

How To: Just finished rummaging through your closet to find your favorite beige sweater and black jeans and feeling like you need that extra touch? Input some tasteful accents to add to the prestige of a neutral look. Try spicing up your outfit with a trendy necklace, funky booties, a lightweight scarf or a fancy headband. The small accents added to your outfit will ensure a stand out ensemble.