ALL IN THE DETAILS: Excessive Accessories

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Excessive Accessories

When it’s sweltering outside it’s hard to dress anything but minimalist. Every added layer of cloth increases the chances of those dreaded beads of sweat dripping down your body. However, this Fashionista demonstrates the perfect way to excessively layer to your heart’s desire without ever having to break a sweat with accessories.

Piling on jewelry is the most comfortable way to be a maximal minimalist without sacrificing your individual style while still being able to brave the heat. This Fashionista confidently embraces her love of accessories with an arm full of customized, mix-and-match bracelets she designed and made herself. However, the focal point of her outfit is the necklace turned statement belt, sitting just above the waistline of a pair of embroidered and embellished geometric patterned shorts. She keeps it simple up top with an airy, off-the-shoulder chiffon top that billows in the wind, making it perfect for a nice summer day. She complements the simple top with a delicate gold pendant necklace.

Still focusing on how individual details further add to the aesthetic of her outfit, this Fashionista completes her look with nude Jeffrey Campbell cutout heels, choosing the color carefully in order to both match her top and also lengthen the appearance of her legs. You’d never know this Fashionista stands at 5’2 from the looks of her seemingly Amazonian legs, proving the trick of nude heels to lengthen your frame isn’t just a questionable fashion hack read from the pages of women’s magazines. Lastly, her metallic blue nail polish stands out while also color-coordinating with her shorts.

How to: Want to be a maximal minimalist like this Fashionista? It’s not as effortless as it looks. There’s a fine line between looking good and looking like you are trying too hard when it comes to accessorizing. When making your jewelry the focal point, it’s best to be minimal elsewhere so they aren’t too many factors of your look competing for attention. Think of your clothing as the backdrop and your accessories and the main event. The colors and styles should complement harmoniously rather than clashing.