ALL IN THE DETAILS: Environmentally Friendly and Fashion-Forward

Being environmentally friendly and fashion-forward are two of the things I believe the people of San Francisco have under their belt. When it comes to fashion, there are many things you can be. From a fashion icon to a trendsetter, there are endless possibilities as to what you can achieve in the fashion world. However, a person can do more than start a new trend or create a new style. They can use their love for fashion to address world issues especially environmental ones.

This brings me to my Fashionisto this month who uses fashion as a way to not only express himself, but take on some world environmental issues all at once. While tackling the signature look of a classic coat and tie, this Fashionisto transforms a timeless classic, piece by piece all the while being environmentally friendly. He takes the formal signature suit-and-tie look and tones it down to a more semi-formal look by adding the non-matching element. He plays with colors and tones as a way to add emphasis to each piece of the outfit. By contrasting light and dark colors and different textures and materials, no piece of the outfit goes unnoticed. The jacket and slacks are made of fresco, a durable and breathable material.The shirt is made of hemp, a material that is extremely eco-friendly. Along with the playful color and texture scheme, unique pieces such as a pocket square and leather messenger bag make this outfit look completely effortless and versatile. This entire look can be worn everyday whether it is to a lecture, work or dinner. With that being said, everything featured in this outfit is either custom made or thrifted.

How To: The next time shopping day comes around, opt to go the local thrift store. You are bound to find unique and timeless pieces that speak to you more than that striped shirt that looks similar to that one you already have hanging in your closet. Gather pieces from different stores rather than buy an entire outfit at one place. Construct an outfit that speaks to you and who you are. Be a conscious buyer. Know that you can make a difference by spending that extra dollar to get something custom made or using that extra couple of minutes to go to a thrift store.