As I was meandering around campus the other day, I came across one of the most amazing outfits I had ever laid my eyes upon. This simple outfit completely blew my mind. The extra details and accessories took this outfit from casual to glam.

What made this outfit catch my eye were the boots, the absolutely adorable and amazing wedge work boots! These suede beauties complement the outfit perfectly. The wedges are high enough to gain a few extra inches, but not too high that they are impossible to walk in. These boots have a certain “je ne sais quoi.” I confess, I did squeal when I saw the boots!

I swear I have seen this lime green studded purse in my dreams. It adds such an awesome pop of color to the outfit. This purse just might be my favorite element of this outfit. The fact that the purse matches her electric green guitar earrings makes me love it more! The dangling earrings add the perfect punk detail to this outfit.

Although they do not stand out as much as the neon purse and earrings, the simpler aspects of this outfit are still worthy of notice. The slicked back high bun is the perfect hairstyle for this outfit. It is a super cute hairstyle, and it works well with the earrings. The makeup is subtle, but a little bit goes a long way. The small amount of mascara and clear lip gloss let the other aspects of the outfit stand out.

For all of the math lovers out there, I have an important equation to share. Wedged work boots + matching lime green purse and earrings + super cute bun hairstyle = totally fabulous!