Who said tie-dye was just a summer DIY? New York Fashion Week spring 2016 had the trend popping up all over the runway but I found this Fashionista rocking the eccentric print for the fall season. She proves that this trend is not only versatile for the season but it gives a silent melancholic shout out to the long gone days of summers past.

As South Florida gradually moves toward cooler weather, some of us go into a state of shock. Just five degrees lower and we’re throwing on our boots, scarves and turtlenecks. That’s why I have a firm belief that mock necks were made for us Floridians. This Fashionistas trapeze dress is spot on for the transitioning weather. It provides the warmth of a turtleneck without the struggles of wrinkles. And it’s sleeveless-flowing silhouette is what makes this a great choice for casual wear.

My favorite part of this whole outfit is the print of this Fashionistas dress. Tie-dye isn’t all rainbows, as this Fashionistas dress is an intricate mix of black and navy swirls that is synonymous with a pen exploding on the fabric and then going through an acid-wash (I’m taking a long shot guess, okay; I don’t know how it was produced but I really want to know!) This explosion of muted colors forces the eyes to dance and makes me throw out some serious heart eyes.

And if I couldn’t love this outfit anymore, this Fashionista adds a touch of bohemia by layering her favorite crystal necklaces. The larger stone is amethyst, it is a meditative stone that provides clarity of the mind and spiritual protection—after exam week, I’ll take five. She further pairs this outfit with olive booties, an unexpected color combination that secures her place in the shoe game.

How To: To get this Fashionistas look, pair a relaxed trapeze dress with the calming stone of an amethyst necklace and your favorite little suede booties.