ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dress In Disguise

What a wonderful time summer is. Unlike the never-ending winter fellow East Coasters have gone through (never-ending doesn’t even cut it) the past years, summer is a time of freedom. A time where we’re not tied to knit scarfs, 10 pounds of layering and boots made to keep you from slipping on frozen sidewalks instead of looking pretty on your feet. These three  (or four, for the lucky states) sunshine blessed months are the reason sun dresses exist, what else can we ask for?

During this time, we can beat the heat with whatever it is we want to. If there is one thing we have while summer is around, it’s options. We can wear long skirts, short skirts, maxi dresses, T-shirt dresses, shorts, jumpers, palazzo pants and any kind of shirt or blouse to give our arms a little room for breathing. As long as the fabric is light, you’re good to stay outside all day.

Despite the hundreds of options provided to us by the ready-to-wear revolution, standing out in a student town like Boston may sometimes be difficult. Not to worry though, adding a surprise element to your outfit, like this weeks’ Fashionista did, may be the perfect answer to a very common problem for the every day student.

How To: Rather than settling for the popular shorts and T-shirt combo, this Fashionista combined a cute pair of lace LBS (little black shorts) with a unique cotton T-shirt dress. What made it so special you might ask? The knot! She disguised what seemed to be a long dress from the back, into a tied up shirt in the front. Her surprise element is absolute perfection in the best way: the subtle way. Her accessories include a nude cross-body bag, black sandals and big shades along with nude nails and lips. It’s all about the details my friends! Keep your outfit simple, but give it an unexpected twist and you’ll stand out anywhere you go.