ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dress for Practicality

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dress for Practicality

Spring season is here—and so is a new school quarter! You can never trust Seattle weather apps because nobody knows if it’s going to be rainy or cloudy or sunny or all of them in one day. Instead of dressing to impress, Seattleites must dress for success in any kind of weather. But that shouldn’t limit your outfit of the day! It’s all in the details to make your outfit on point and perfect for all kinds of weather.

While this Fashionista doesn’t wear many accessories, it’s the small details from a simple choker to which shoes to wear that pull her outfit together. The small black pieces from her choker to her Fitbit to her waterproof Chelsea booties (which are an absolute staple in rainy weather) all match and complete her look.

To be honest, the choker trend that’s made its way back from the 2000s has been one of my recent favorites because it definitely gives a look that extra edge. Of course, she could have gone without the choker, but in my opinion, any small detail (like a necklace or a ring), paired with any outfit makes all the difference. But I could be a little biased since I’m a huge accessories gal.

I also loved her clear umbrella! While most Seattleites brave the rain and skip the umbrellas altogether, these items are incredibly practical. And it’s not a patterned or black one but a clear one, which you don’t often see. I think my fixation on this Fashionista’s clear umbrella may have to do with how you can see her face even when the umbrella is covering her head. And like I said, you just don’t see that very often on my campus (or many umbrellas for that matter).

I can’t go without noting her denim-on-denim look. It’s super cute and I’m not one to sport the denim-on-denim look often. But when I see someone courageous enough to, I always wish I could pull myself together and just go all out. If you’re like me and want to take baby steps to pulling the Canadian tuxedo off, I recommend different shades or washes of denim so it’s not as bold of a statement.

Details in an outfit don’t always have to be about accessories, but more about the little decisions. Hopefully you can find your own inspiration in my Fashionista’s look!