ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don't Get Ripped Off

March 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

When cleaning out your closet, it can seem obvious to toss the ripped or damaged clothing items in favor of newer pieces. However, sometimes with a bit of love and attention, a damaged piece can be even more unique and special. As a college student, I am all about saving where I can. My wardrobe is full of stretched tank tops, bleached shorts and washed out dresses because sometimes a defect can be changed to be a unique focus of your look. This mantra of buying new clothes but keeping the old because “one is silver and the other’s gold” rang especially true when my friend stopped by.

When this Fashionista walked through the front door, I immediately loved her outfit. Unfortunately, my puppy seemed to feel the same way and jumped right up on her, ripping her tights right down the front. Without skipping a beat, she decided to embrace the ribbed tights look. Using a pin, we continued ripping the tights until her tights were stripped instead of the run looking like a mistake.

To work ripped tights, you need to be confident. This Fashionista owned her ripped tights, making the look completely successful. Edgy ripped tights can add the perfect amount of edge to an otherwise innocent look. Fortunately, the ripped tights worked seamlessly with her original outfit. With a short A-line skirt in a contemporary pattern along with a neutral long sleeved crop top, her whole outfit is on trend and chic.

This Fashionista proves that throughout the year: warmer or colder months, you can embrace your clothes that may have small imperfections. Because, maybe a small damage to a garment can make it even more special; I definitely think this Fashionista would agree.

How To: Scared to wear that ripped garment in the back of your wardrobe? Try wearing ribbed tights or a tank top with edgier, sleeker accessories. Scared you can’t “pull it off”? Try embracing something a bit different and with a bit of added confidence, you may surprise yourself.