ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don’t Forget the Choker

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don’t Forget the Choker

Don’t you hate when you’re walking past someone on the street and their outfit is missing just one thing? It’s like you love their whole outfit, but if you were the one wearing it, you would have added something that would just take it to the next level. Sometimes one small detail is all you need.

In this outfit, the choker helps to tie the whole look together. Although it’s only a small accessory, it makes a big impact. Without it in this look, the scoop neckline of the shirt and the low hanging big silver necklace could still make the neck look bare. A choker shows how something so simple can add so much to an outfit.

Chokers are so easy to mix and match with other necklaces. Being paired with a big and chunky necklace, a small and delicate necklace or both, a choker can bring all the bling around your neck together. Also, with chokers being so modern right now, you can get them in a variety of different styles and colors so they can match any look you’re going for. The choker used in this outfit is just a straightforward black plastic choker that you’re probably all too familiar with, partly because of how trendy that they are right now, but also because we all had the exact same one in middle school.

A choker is more versatile than most people think. Dress it up by wearing a skater skirt and cute top or a pair of pumps and jeans. Dress it down by going for a boho-grunge vibe, as seen in this look.

How To: Chokers can be a little edgy for some people. If you want to still wear one but take it down a notch, try a simple off white lace or crochet choker. It is soft and subtle but still adds a small detail that takes your look a long way.