ALL IN THE DETAILS: Distressed Denim for the Winter

Distressed denim: it’s the style that used to distress our parents and teachers during the pre-teen stage. It begged the common question, “Why spend money for jeans that are already destroyed?” Not to mention, growing up in a private school where uniforms were basically denim-free, distressed denim was not widely accepted. Dear Fashionistas/os, if you’ve been victimized for wearing distressed jeans, now is the time to get them out and strut your stuff.

I’ve spotted multiple styles of distressed denim all across the campus of Central Michigan University. Leaving skin fashionably exposed to the winter breeze is leaving the trend radar at a high. I question, why are students wearing skin exposed jeans in February? Does that mean trend overrules temperature? To retrieve the answer, I asked this RAD Fashionista. She gracefully mentioned, “It doesn’t feel any much cooler when wearing ripped jeans.” With that final note, we can now de-stress about the weather.

I found this Fashionista at the Kaya Coffee house while I was having a date with academics. The pop of her pineapple snapback is what originally caught my attention. The view of her distressed jeans with Timberlands was the final say for me to grab the camera.

Just like regular jeans, there are different fits of distressed denim as well. This Fashionista is wearing the boyfriend fit, which is perfect for the rugged comfort. Other styles include skinny, bootcut and flare. You can pick your favorite fit or maybe try something new. Where can you find distressed denim? Everywhere from superstores like Target to mall stores like American Eagle Outfitters to your sister’s closet will probably offer jeans of this nature. It is up to you on where to search for the distressed look.

How To: There were several details spotted in this article, and it is your turn to flaunt them. One way is by fitting in some distressed jeans of your choice. The other is to pump up your day with printed hat. Lastly, slip on some durable boots, and you are set to go!