ALL IN THE DETAILS: Distressed But Well Dressed

They’re back… jeans with holes, tears, scratches, cuts and rips. This coming fall season we are already seeing distressed denim in full force. It may seem kind of funny buying torn up jeans, but a few holes can add something new to a regular plain pair. It also can reboot your typical jean look. Allowing a tad bit of skin to show, distressed denim gives your outfit a little edge and boldness. There are so many ways to incorporate these jeans into your style, whether you love rocking black-heeled booties and a leather jacket or an oversized sweater and a top knot. Overall, they are a great addition to anyone’s 2015 fall wardrobe.

This Fashionista not only models bold slashes in her denim, but also a bold color. Her all-white jeans make a statement, especially paired with her slouchy and simple top. Looking at the bottom half of her outfit, the black sneakers contrast with the white, also highlighting the jeans. She accessorizes with a few small, light-colored jewels, seen in her necklace and bracelet. This Fashionista exhibits an easy way to sport distressed denim and use it as an asset to one’s look. Not only are these pants good for a relaxed outfit, but they can also be dressed up for a night out. There is so much you can do with this trend, so try it out with your own style!

How To: After buying a distressed pair of jeans or adding a few tears to an old pair, put on your favorite boots and a top. Keep it simple and let the jeans do the talking.