ALL IN THE DETAILS: Distressed But Well-Dressed

June 15th, 2016 at 2:10am

Who else remembers being 13 years old wearing ripped jeans and constantly being asked: “Did you pay for your jeans to be like that?” I know my relatives, particularly my dad, would always crack this question to me. This joke might even make a comeback just as distressed denim has returned as a trend in the fashion world.

Distressed denim has made its comeback once again, from rips right under the butt to frayed hems. What I love most about this trend is the option to go all out or rock it subtlety. Whether you opt for the jeans with rips all down the front like this Fashionista did or a scuff on the pocket of your shorts, you are embracing the spirit of summer style.

This Fashionista incorporated this trend into her look through her ripped boyfriend jeans. She paired it with a flowy crop top which reveals skin in order to show off her shape while still wearing the baggy bottoms. Heeled booties are the perfect match for boyfriend jeans, adding a touch of femininity to a masculine shape. Just like every summer look, it isn’t complete without your favorite sunglasses! Not only are they stylish, but they protect your precious vision.

How To: If you have some jeans that you’re bored with, don’t be afraid to distress them a bit in order to liven them up. Take some sandpaper and scissors and add scuffs and holes yourself. You can even cut the sewed hem off of the bottom of your jeans in order to create the cropped, frayed look.