ALL IN THE DETAILS: Distressed And Well-Dressed

Oh denim. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love a sleek pair of skinny jeans, a perfectly worn-in denim jacket and a cool-girl denim shirt. Light-washed, acid-washed, dark-washed—denim is so versatile. However, the shredded boyfriend jean trend had me confused. Why would I wear a pair of jeans that 1. My boyfriend would wear, and 2. Were ripped beyond compare (please take a moment to appreciate my rhyme).

After spotting this Fashionista, I realized why the cool kids were digging through Goodwill for faded ’90s jeans and Pinterest-ing how to tear them to shreds. Distressed denim can give any outfit an edgy, yet chill vibe. Her jeans featured a relaxed fit and a neat line of shreds down each pant leg. The holes weren’t gaping wide and the pants weren’t too loose, overwhelming her figure. She paired her hole-y jeans with a sweet leather moto jacket from Topshop, some cutout ankle booties and a flannel tied around her waist for the perfect chic, grunge look. Her simple white V-neck was adorned with dainty, layered necklaces. Distressed denim is the perfect addition to give any look a casual feel.

How To: To achieve grunge perfection, first, pick out a pair of distressed denim that fit and flatter your body type. Then, tie a flannel around your waist for some print action. Wear a simple top, like a plain V-neck or tank, to balance out your outfit. Leather details such as a moto jacket or a pair of boots give you extra brownie points in the grunge department.