ALL IN THE DETAILS: Details, Details, I Need Details

One of the biggest trends going on at the moment is minimalism. This trend requires little to no effort, as there are fewer details needed to execute the look, and instead, more plain and simple pieces. This trend is great if you are trying to grasp a polished, effortless look (especially if you’re feeling lazy). I, on the other hand, think trends should sometimes be challenged. I love seeing an outfit with a ton of different things going on with it; it gives an interesting appeal and makes you take a second glance. The more details, the more fun.

I stumbled upon this Fashionista walking around downtown Oceanside, California while I was home for Thanksgiving. This boho babe perfectly exemplified how you can never have too many details. To keep warm from that cool ocean breeze she layered on my favorite fall piece of the moment—the poncho. Wrapping a poncho around yourself is the chicest way to stay warm while feeling like you are at home curled up on the couch. What could be better than feeling fashionable and cozy? If you look closely, you will notice the small and intricate patterns and designs along the bottom where it meets the fringe. The fringe and long drapery of a poncho can add drama to any outfit. Another very detailed piece in her look is her vintage leather western belt. She buckled this silver beauty around her poncho to show off her small waistline and give her outfit some shape. She then chose an apple red hat that gives her the perfect pop of color that gives her outfit dimension.

While snapping away on my camera, I had an idea. I knew she had a lot of details to her outfit, but I wanted to see how her look changed if she were to take some of them off. So I had her start to remove pieces, detail by detail. As they were removed, her look transformed into something more simplistic and edgy, especially when she was down to only her shoes, jeans and lace-up top. I thought doing this was fun because it gives you some perspective on how much details can change an outfit.

Something when I’m getting dressed in the morning, I think, “how can I make this outfit more interesting or really stand out?” The answer is always details. Play up your style with them and always remember to have fun with it. Fashion wasn’t meant to be boring.

How To: Not sure if you can rock the poncho trend? Nonsense! Ponchos are endlessly versatile and look great whether they are dressed down with some stylish sneakers or dressed up with a great pair of booties. Ponchos are one of my fall staples, especially because there is nothing I love more than to feel cozy while also feeling fabulous. Just try one on; I guarantee you will be hooked and your poncho will become you and your closet’s new best friend.