ALL IN THE DETAILS: Denim for Decades

There are few things as timeless as a denim button-down. I’d say it’s up there with your little black dress and those trusty go-to heels. Having a wardrobe stocked with classic and reliable items is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Regardless of the season or occasion that trusty denim button-down has proven itself essential to woman for decades. My favorite thing about classic items like this one is they can help you channel fashion trends from past eras. All of us ladies love to play dress up and in your denim button-down you can be Rosie the Riveter or a free spirit from the ‘70s.

This Fashionista followed that free spirt vibe and rocked her denim button-down like it was 1970! By choosing to pair it with a simple black dress, large round sunglasses and a fun, tasseled backpack this Fashionista’s look screams boho. The accents of black and gold in her neckless and cheetah flats add a modern edge that grounds us to 2015. The groovy thing is this is just one of the MANY ways you can rock a denim button-down.

How to:  Don’t fear! Your options are endless and so are the different washes and styles it comes in! You can pair your denim button-down with a fun dress like this Fashionista or try pairing it with a high-wasted skirt. You can even button it up and tuck it in for a dressier look. I also really enjoy a denim button-down tucked into a colored jean for a more casual look.