ALL IN THE DETAILS: Denim Days Are (Never) Over

April 21st, 2017 at 2:00am

Warmer weather is finally here! It’s time to bring out your light, summery clothes and tuck those sweaters deep in your closet. For me, my spring/summer wardrobe consists of light flowy clothes and lots of pastels. I am in complete summer mode as soon as I see the first sight of sunlight and warmth.

With finals quickly creeping up on us, it’s important to find some down time to relax and enjoy every second of this amazing weather we have been having. In this look, I’ve decided to go for a classic denim on denim look. This look was popular in the ‘80s and has made a comeback into the world of fashion today. I decided to pair my dark wash skinny jeans with this oversize distressed retro jean jacket that I picked up from an outdoor market in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. Underneath this I went for a baby blue flowy shirt and to complement this, I added a neon J.Crew necklace. For my shoes I wanted to go with a simple, comfortable pair of sneakers. These sneakers have blue embroidered flowers on the sides of them, which happen to go perfectly with this top. When choosing footwear always consider comfort over everything…or in my case, shoes that won’t hurt my feet on days that I have a long journey to class!

So if you’re looking for a Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake denim outfit, circa 2001, this is the outfit for you. This is also a great outfit to sit outside and soak up the sun, grab a cup of coffee, or go for a stroll in the city. Enjoy the weather Fashionistas/os!