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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Delicate Detailing

Sometimes the best products are a mashup of two totally different things. Yep, I’m talking about the salty and sweets, the peanut butter and jelly. In fashion, there are always trends where you have one style that is totally opposite of another, yet they work in such perfect harmony. This opposites attract trend can be seen in floral with leather and even black and white!

With this Fashionista, I want to focus on the small details of her look that completely make the outfit. In other words, it’s the delicate lace and floral detailing in her look that contrasts against the dark black color. By incorporating delicate patterns with an extremely contrasting color, she puts a twist on the norm, which says that these textures always have to be sweet or soft. Notice the lace pattern of the hem of her top as well as the floral cutout of her high-tops; they’re small details but act as pivotal components to her look. They transform a typical feminine and sweet look to one with attitude and captivation. The true statement piece of her outfit is the killer shoes, which are similar to this white pair or these black slip-ons. If you want to opt for another lace or cutout piece, take a look at this floral lace skirt or this sheer cutout blouse!

How To: Want to add some edge to a feminine look? Contrast those lace and cutout patterns with something different. Rock a leather jacket with a romantic lace dress! Finish it up with some tough ankle booties for a night out, or step into some fun sneakers for a day out!