ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dare To Be Different

We all have those moments when we see pieces of clothing or accessories at the store that look a little different, weird and quirky. If you are an avid thrift shopper, you are all too familiar with the strange treasures that you can find. It might even be that you have something that’s a part of your culture that makes you stand out, something that makes you different from the norm. That’s totally okay.

The best part about fashion is that it is fun. You don’t have to wear what everyone else is wearing. If there is a fashion trend you want to follow, you can always adjust it to fit your look. It’s even better if you are inspired by your own culture and traditional garb. Always remember that there are fashion rules that you can break and sometimes those rules become new rules themselves, like color blocking, mixing prints and patterns.

Imagine someone like Tavi Gevinson, who burst onto the scene at only 12 years old with her eccentric look. A lot of her looks pushed the envelope of what is stylish. Even Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen branded their ‘hobo-chic’ look a few years ago.

This Fashionista has a cute look that is definitely eye-catching. Her blue kimono and brown boots have a very Midwestern feel. What really sets this look apart is the jewelry. By the look of her nose ring, she dares to be different.  Her arm candy of assorted, stacked bracelets is killer. Her dangly earrings also have skulls on them; they are very cool. This cool girl stands out in her own unique way and you can too!

How To: Don’t be afraid to connect with your roots. This Fashionista sported earrings with cool skulls. Diving into your own culture can help you discover gems that you should be proud of and not embarrassed to show off.