ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dare I Say Double Denim?

Whoever said denim on denim was a fashion faux pas clearly didn’t take into account all the ways you could make it a fashion DO. For years, we have been poking fun and ridiculing the denim on denim look or what the French call, the Canadian Tuxedo (a la Britney and JT) but times are changing and all those fashion faux pas can stay in the past. It is 2015 and it is time we started acting like it.

This Fashionista did not just throw on blue denim over blue denim. No, she diligently paired a crisp white denim tank top with a pair of light blue denim shorts. Some may call this denim overload but I like to think of it as a balanced denim diet. Maybe, just maybe, if the two denims were identical we would question the look but these denims are different in color and texture and because of that, this look rocks! At first glance, I didn’t even realize her white button-up was a denim top. What I love about this outfit is the twists and turns it takes you on. For starters, those sneakers are amazing. Sneakers have been huge this summer. But we are not just talking about a pair of Converse. No, Fashionistas all over have been experimenting with sneakers that have style written all over them. You see women prancing the streets adorned in a beautiful dress or skirt and then realize they are pairing their outfits with sneakers! It just gives the whole look a 360 when done correctly. Funky patterns (much like this Fashionista’s) and a cool shape really makes an outfit stand out. This casual outfit could not be complete without a small but stylish mini backpack.

How To: Denim on denim can be kind of a daring risk if you’re not too adventurous when it comes to clothing. But check it—do it right and you will go down in infamy, or close to it. I am a huge proponent of pairing denim on denim. BUT (and there is always a but when it comes to denim on denim) make sure each denim has its own flavor. Maybe the jeans are a lighter wash than the top or a different color or come in a different pattern. Whatever it is, make sure it is not too matchy, matchy because then you’re in trouble and matching is…well, matching is for squares.