All IN THE DETAILS: Dainty Statement Pieces

Who says you can only catch one’s eye with bling-bling jewelry and chromatically put together outfits? This Fashionista caught my attention with a minimal, medium length, silver skull necklace that hung effortlessly over her gray sweater. By neutralizing the rest of her outfit with low saturation, monochrome colors, this Fashionista was able to bring full attention to her choice of jewelry, which added the perfect amount of delicacy and personality to her overall simple look.

You may think that dainty necklaces are hard to style as statement pieces. And you’re right—they are not usually meant to be the rockstar of your outfit. Nonetheless, if you’re not a fan of heavy, metallic jewelry, then you might want to consider turning to dainty jewelry pieces to add a dose of quirkiness to your holistic outfit. Due to their simple and subtle nature, dainty statement pieces are perfect for those who prefer to dress more minimalistic. However, even if you are a fan of bold prints and loud jewelry, you might want to keep a few dainty accessories close by because chances are, they will go along with some of your most unique, loudest and stubborn fashion items.

Overall, this Fashionista completes her monochrome look by styling an oversized gray sweater with classic black skinny jeans. Nike roshes are perfect for comfortably stomping around campus and looking trendy at the same time.

How To: Next time you feel like your outfit needs that extra something something, but you don’t want to over do it, consider throwing on dainty statement jewelry that’s full of personality and embraces your signature fashion sense.