Although short dresses have been the go to for the soon to be ending summer months; this daytime look says goodbye to simple and adds feminine detail. When searching for the right attire, closures can either make or break the purchase. Many articles of clothing include zippers, buttons or other closures in the back. While most closures make it difficult for one to remove the garment, this Fashionista proves that there are still many designers who decide to include nonfunctional closures to give more detail to the piece.

My main focus when shopping is to always find a piece with great comfort and fit, as well as unique detailing. This Fashionista’s dress offered atypical buttons that display a great statement, but they also allow no hassle when taking on and off the dress. This garment caught my attention not only because of the buttons, but also by the color-blocking on the front which continues to be trending . Whereas, many designers choose to stay simple with their designs; this designer took a risk and gave the dress a two for one surprise in the front and the back.

When you assumed accessories were not needed for this wardrobe, this Fashionista switched it up and gave it a swing. She added a lightweight neutral toned scarf, which would usually distract from the piece, but allowed the dress to stand out instantly. Lastly, she threw on some grey sandals to make the color cohesive throughout the look.

How To: To leave a lasting impression, make sure to apply lipstick to the mix. This will help your feminine side as well as your personality to glow tremendously without adding too many colors to the combination. Lastly, do not forget a compact mirror. Whether you are shopping or going on a blind date, lipstick on your teeth is always a risk taken.