One more minute. Everyone hates when that alarm goes off. All you can think is that one more minute you want to spend in bed. Crawling out of bed during the winter season can be tough. Sometimes we just feel like laying in bed all day because of how cold it is outside. Finally, when we are out of bed, all we can think about is what can I wear that will keep me warm but still cute.

On my way to class, I found this Fashionista rocking a simple, classic outfit. Her outfit caught my attention because not only was it fashionable, but it also looked warm! She wore a simple black turtleneck and a leather jacket with a pair of classic jeans. What made her outfit unique was the details she added to it. Her scarf and combat boots are perfect for her outfit. They both tied the outfit together really well. To add some detail in, she decided to not only cuff her jeans into her combats, but she also cuffed her sleeves. This is a great idea because it adds balance to the style. Also, adding cuffs to an outfit is easy! It doesn’t take long at all and makes it look like you spent a lot of time on your outfit.

How To: This winter, make sure to stay warm! Stop spending so much time planning your outfit. Dress in simple, classic outfits and add some details. You will be able to spend that one more minute in bed.