ALL IN THE DETAILS: Crushing on Texture

November 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

This Fashionista is wearing an ensemble spilling over with charming details. It’s also essential for the imminent winter season. For any winter wardrobe, a vintage denim jacket is essential. This Levi’s one pairs flawlessly with almost anything, and honestly it looks super cool. How to amp up the cute? You guessed it. Pins. They are totally trendy, but are also a great way to add individuality to your outfit. Add some intrigue to basic denim with a shiny gold tooth pin, a delicate heart pin and whatever else your heart desires. Underneath this heavy jacket is a simple, red tank top. What elevates this tank top from basic to envious? Texture. And I’m talking fluffy, velvety fabric. Seriously, the texture elevates the top to achieve an interesting, stylish look as opposed to a plain boring basic. This texture paired with the bold red color is also evocative of the holidays, so naturally it’s quintessential for a winter wardrobe (aka: prime attire for those festive parties).

And what’s better to contrast this soft dreamy tank top than a faux leather skirt with a slick texture? The contrast between these completely dissimilar textures complements them and accentuates them individually. A skirt of this kind really works in most outfits because the faux leather style makes it edgier and more striking than a typical cotton one. Fear not! Combing these two varying textures couldn’t be easier. Hello, belts! Seriously, the solution is that simple, and also super flattering because of cinching around the waist. The western style of the one worn by this Fashionista, with a large buckle and conchos, catches the eye and adds another interesting element to the outfit.

Don’t forget one of the most important details in this look. Tights! Since it’s not quite frigid outside yet, forgo the opaque ones and show a little skin in sheer tights. And of course, these boots help tie the look together. The chunkiness, the lug sole, the short height……perfect for this outfit.

Pair it all with a simple necklace or earrings and boom–a dream for the detail-oriented. This Fashionista has it figured out.