ALL IN THE DETAILS: Crotchet For Days

Finals may be here, but this Fashionista is not letting that stop her from appreciating the little things, especially the little details in her outfit! In this constantly changing weather, she has put together an outfit that’s perfect for the slightly chilly fall air. The main focus of her look is her cream crotchet sweater that has detailing on the sleeves. This dresses it up just enough for her to be able to wear this outfit to work or class without being over or under dressed.

Her light wash skinny jeans are perfect for comfort along with her knee-high lace-up boots that are sure to make walking around campus a little more bearable. She added even more detail to her outfit by throwing on a pair of cream leg warmers that peak out just enough from her boots to add a finishing touch. She added a simple cross-body bag that is big enough to carry the necessities needed to function during these last few weeks of the semester. She finished the look by curling her hair and adding a beautiful plum lip color that’s perfect for fall and to add a pop to her otherwise simple makeup look.

How To: The key to this look is to get a sweater that involves some sort of detailing. Crotchet or knit patterns can really take a simple sweater to the next level. Throw on a comfy pair of lace-up boots with matching leg warmers, and you are good to go!