ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cropped To Perfection

With summer in full swing, we’ve all had our share of weddings, birthday parties, barbecues, bridal showers, brunches, graduation parties and other celebrations to attend. The only problem with these events is that they require similar dress attire at each one. So now that we are at the halfway point of summer, our usual sundresses, maxi skirts and dresses and cocktail dresses are starting to feel redundant. Therefore, we must find a new style in order to keep our outfits fresh and exciting. A trend that became popular this year is the cropped maxi, which is a great way to spice up the typical maxi dress.

Cropped maxi dresses consist of a maxi skirt and a cropped top, so the tops and bottoms are unattached. There are two different options for this trend. Either the top and bottom can be identical in print so that it appears as though a maxi dress was simply cut in half, or the top can have a different design than the bottom like a normal skirt and top combination. This Fashionista is seen rocking the first of these options—the identical skirt and top. Having the crop really adds an interesting element to it, which makes it much more eye-catching than a normal maxi dress. The halter style of the crop top also makes it look dressier than an average crop top. Lastly, the blue and white Aztec pattern makes the dress stand out and is perfect for a dinner party or night on the town.

How To: It may be hard to come across matching crop tops and maxi skirts in stores, so to create your own look, try embracing the second trend where the top and skirt are different styles. One of my favorite ways to do this is to pair a solid crop top with a patterned maxi. This way, the distinction between the two designs is clear and people don’t think you attempted to make the two match. This mismatched trend is perfect for both day and night, so be sure to play with patterns and colors to transform your looks.