ALL IN THE DETAILS: Crochet Your Life Away

As a fashion student, the first two words I think of when I hear the word “knitted” are: warp and weft. The weft in knitting, is the fabric that is pulled through the other fabric that is held securely. The fabric held securely would be considered the warp. However, the word “knitted” would probably just mean to make a finished material from looping a series of threads a certain way to a consumer. Articles of clothing such as: sweaters, blankets and hats are among the most common knitted clothing types. However, a new trend in knitting is beginning to make an appearance on the campus scene.

Patterned crochet tops, shorts and even shoes are a huge trend for college students. This particular Fashionista is wearing a pair of cream crochet shorts with flowers interlaced in the knitting as a detail. The cream color of these shorts makes them so easy to match to any top. Additionally, the drawstring elastic waistband provides the maximum level of comfort that a pair of shorts is able to hold. These shorts look great both up close and from a quick glance. I love the simplicity of this Fashionista’s outfit although the bright purple tank top gives the outfit some color. Also, the simple necklace provides the outfit with a little bit of glam while still keeping the outfit summer appropriate. Except, the shorts really tie the entire outfit together giving a twist on the classic “shorts and a T-shirt look”.

How To: First, find a key crochet pair of shorts that you would like to wear. Next, choose your favorite brightly colored solid tank top that will match your shorts. Lastly, accessorize with a dainty necklace as to not draw too much attention away from the shorts!