ALL IN THE DETAILS: Crisscross Apple Sauce

I have mixed feelings about backless clothing. Although backless pieces can look cute (and bonus: they eliminate the gross back sweat that summer can bring), they can be tricky to pull off. The criss-cross back on this Fashionista’s dress is the perfect balance between backless and full coverage.

The crisscross back allows this Fashionista to decide how much skin she wants to show off. If you don’t want to go completely bare-backed you can pair the dress with a cute bralette to cover more skin like this Fashionista did. If you do wan’t to show more skin a crisscross back can be easier to pair with a bra, and the inevitable straps, than a completely backless dress would be.

This adorable detail makes this Fashionista’s dress more unique. It adds a creative structural component to the dress, and it allows you to make a statement in a way other than just through patterns or colors. Take some inspiration from this Fashionista and start your hunt for the perfect crisscross back piece to become your summer staple.

How To: To incorporate this trend into your wardrobe find a piece with a crisscross back that you love. You don’t have to pick a dress like this Fashionista did because this trend is so versatile. Pair a crisscross back top with simple skinny jeans and flats for a summer night outfit. You can even add the crisscross back trend into your workout wardrobe because who isn’t inspired to go to the gym from a cute outfit?