From the time I was little, I hated getting dressed in the winter. This meant that no matter how awesome the outfit I may have picked out is, I would still have to cover it all up with a bulky ill-fitting waterproof coat. It’s like all of the hard work put into planning went by the wayside and all I had to show for it was an old coat. Thankfully, the times have changed. Coats can now be very fashionable additions to your outfit. If the right coat is bought, not only can it keep you toasty but it can also improve your outfit. This Fashionista gives the perfect example of how to stay stylish in the winter by wearing a chic coat.

This fabulous Fashionista styles an entire outfit around her coat and looks absolutely adorable. Her coat is a nice neutral tan color, which is a great choice because it can be worn with anything. For instance, she could wear dark jeans, colored jeans, tights or black jeans and will look fantastic. With a brightly colored jacket, you would not be able to pull that off as easily. The color guarantees a very put together outfit no matter what. On top of how cute the jacket is, it looks warm as well, which is incredibly important.

She accessories the coat perfectly, wearing a gray beanie, some adorable glasses and a beige scarf. Her oxblood purse, which doubles as a school bag, provides just the right amount of a color pop. The black jeans and black Chelsea boots are the ideal way to finish off her look. This Fashionista is prepared for a stylish winter.

How To: You must invest in a fashionable coat. Consider a neutral wool coat that will make any outfit look put together and stylish. Pair it with a big cozy scarf and a knit hat and you’ll be ready for anything the weather throws at you.