March 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Typically during this part of the winter, people start to give up on looking cute. They’re sick of the below freezing temperatures and would rather result to less visually appealing pieces just to stay warm. However, you my fellow Fashionistas/os, are not average people. You are extremely smart individuals who know how to find cute AND warm pieces to ensure you don’t look like an Eskimo.

No matter how cute and warm your outfit may be, the reality is that the majority of people will only see your coat, not the ensemble underneath. This is why it’s so important to concentrate on having a stylish and practical coat. I even recommend having two in your closet, a wool one for dressier occasions and a down feather one for everyday wear.

This Fashionista is demonstrating the perfect mix of style and function in her everyday down coat. First of all, I love the sleek black color. Black is a great choice when wearing puffy jackets because it’s a slimming color. Even if you’re the tiniest person in the world, puffy jackets are still going to make you look like a marshmallow. Which brings me to my next point, the belted waist. Some form of waist accentuation, whether a belt or an overall curve in the shape of the coat, is so important in outerwear pieces. Nothing is going to appear flattering if it doesn’t have some shape to it, so the fact that coats are bulkier is all the more reason for some accentuation. Finally, one of my favorite parts of the coat is her black fur hood. The fact that the fur matches the color of the jacket instead of being a gray or brown makes it even more sleek and less eskimo-esque.

Another important aspect to consider in the winter is your footwear. Although sometimes snow boots are essential when dealing with snow and other messy conditions, take advantage of stylish footwear whenever possible. As you can see here, this Fashionista is rocking over-the-knee boots. Her boots add an extra element of style to the look that takes her from looking super cute to trendy.

How To: To obtain a trendy outerwear look, start with a waist accentuating coat. This can be either wool or down. Next, add a pair of stylish shoes to give your outfit the extra push it needs. Finally, finish it off with cute gloves, hats and scarves for ultimate warmth and style.