Ah, August is finally here, which means summer is starting to boil down to an end (insert sad face emoji here). If you are a country fan, then one of the most memorable moments of your summer is going to a country concert, am I right? Country concerts usually consist of plaid tops and cowboy boots, but who says that has to continue? Accessorize your outfit just like this Fashionista did.

Accessories in an outfit give it a personality without having to speak. This Fashionista gave her simple look a preppy personality by adding some chain necklaces which gave the outfit a hipster/boho vibe to complete her floral ensemble. Who says you have to stop with just necklaces? Add layered bracelets, or even some geometric rings to complete your look. Experimentation is key when accessorizing with outfits because you can do whatever you want! Accessories with an outfit instantly stands out and you will have everyone asking “where did you get that? and where can I get one?”. Now for my fellow country concert goers, be chic, be bold and show everyone at the concert who has the best style because it’s you.

Even if you are not going to a country concert, you can still wear this Fashionista’s look on a normal day, as well as using your own personality to create a unique entity with accessories.

How To: Have you ever wanted your accessories to be the main focus of your look? If so, then wear solid colors but not the same colors as your accessories. That way your accessories stand out and are instantly noticeable. Now, go experiment Fashionistas!