February 10th, 2017 at 2:00am

I’ve said it time and time again: all black outfits will always work. You never have to worry about something not matching if it’s black or a variation of the color (and, no I’m not going to make a fifty shades joke). It used to be a sign of being emo or goth by wearing multiple pieces of the color, but now it’s a look of class. An all-black ensemble can also serve as a blank-slate to throw on one colorful statement piece over—such as an oversize, blanket scarf.

This Fashionista played around with her silhouette and made some very cool shapes with the garments she styled together. Silhouettes are one of the main things I look for when I’m spotting Fashionistas around campus. We see way too much of the same, basic styles of skinny jeans and tops, that when I see something different I get ecstatic.

She started with this amazing asymmetrical black dress that I’m obsessed with. She then layered it over black leggings and Doc Martens. On top, she threw on this classic moto jacket. For added warmth, she opted for chunky, gray leg warmers and a plaid, blanket scarf.

This look is all about the details. The various silhouette shapes and different textures of the fabrics she put together are what make this outfit killer. Another thing I’m obsessing about in this ensemble is the backpack. This adorable little corgi backpack is so unique. Graphics tees are often worn to show personality—but who says you can’t just put the graphics on your bag! When you’re stressed and walking to class in the sea of Jansport backpacks, this little guy can’t not bring a smile to your face.