ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cordial Florals

July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Mayday, mayday, this just in! Alert Upworthy.com and the New York Times fashion section: florals are no longer just for the spring and vintage isn’t just for the fall and winter. Vintage florals are making a splash at SUNY New Paltz just in time for early July!

This Fashionista donned a delicate cream lace top, a long patterned skirt and low black wedges. Upon seeking out people for photos, I was immediately drawn in by her beautiful skirt. The skirt’s length makes the outfit ideal for daily outings and its soft pleats aren’t restrictive like a bodycon skirt. The flowiness of her skirt allowed me to take a gorgeous picture of her curtsying.

The orange and ochre brighten her ensemble while the black background keeps the look grounded. Other than the brightness of the skirt’s flowers, her outfit consists of only neutrals. I personally love floral patterns, but sometimes find myself stuck in the rut of all my florals looking alike. What I am learning to do is showcase florals in ways other than just my clothes. For example, I have a pair of flower shaped and silver-toned studs that were cheaper and more versatile than a long floral dress that I had wanted. Neutral colors are nice because they make one piece of the outfit the focus. Instead of wearing two or more patterns, her cream shirt allows the skirt to shine through and draw the eyes in.

How To: This Fashionista informed me that her skirt was a lucky find from Salvation Army, so finding this exact skirt would be a little difficult. First, start off with a plain shirt in white, black or red. If you’re not a flower person, don’t be afraid to experiment with other patterns such as stripes or polka-dots. If you’re vertically challenged, a midi skirt would be a nice but appropriate alternative to a maxi skirt. Finish off the look with low-heeled sandals and you’re ready for action!