With winter storms and blizzards repeatedly hitting the East Coast, what is a poor college intern supposed to wear? Dressing professionally while trying to avoid avalanches and slush may seem like a debacle, which it is, however take a hint from this stylishly suave Fashionisto and incorporate corduroy into your everyday look. Corduroy adds a bit of extra texture that keeps your look interesting and different. What makes it even better is that it can be worn for a business casual atmosphere as well. If you’re not headed to the office, you can just look spiffy for class then.

Corduroy is no longer just for the little bear and his overalls, but for everyone and their various pieces of clothing. From jackets to pants to skirts, it comes in every shape and size. It can serve more than one purpose (hello dinner date or meeting with a professor) so don’t be afraid to mix and match different fabrics and textures with it as well. It only helps to enhance your look. This Fashionisto matched his corduroy pants with a wool motorcycle jacket, a plaid shirt and suede oxfords. You can never go wrong with overcompensating on textures, just be sure that they all flow together.

How To: Whether you’re a Fashionista or a Fashionisto, you can definitely embrace the corduroy trend into your own wardrobe. Guys, take a look at this Fashionisto for some guidance. Corduroy pants are always a good go-to for any event. Choose a neutral color to pair with a bold shirt or switch it up and make the pants the statement. Girls, you can follow suit or take a different spin on this trend. Jacket or skirt, you’ll be sure to rock it either way.