A wise man once said, “it’s the little things that count the most.” Indeed, the little things mean the most in life, as well as fashion. I believe it’s common human nature to sometimes gloss over the smallest of details, but what if we live life everyday meticulously analyzing the details of life?

You say you like daisies, but what is it you love most about them? Is it the warm yellow in the center that draws you in? The soft white petals that surround the little ball of sun? If we all take a minute to sit back and reflect on the details of life, it’ll give you a new perspective on the world we live in.

With Halloween coming to a close, this Fashionista decided to rock her favorite pair of cat ears. She accents her look by wearing a figure-8 choker, simplifying her look by adding diamond studs and a nose ring to give some bling to her ensemble.

This Fashionista was born to slay, as her meticulously chosen staples show off her fun, sociable personality. To give her look the perfect finish, she paired her nude peach top with a black faux leather skirt and simple, black suede booties. Her off-white Michael Kors cross-body purse gives her ensemble a nice contrast.

Adding the simplest of details, such as our flawless Fashionista did, can really complete your look while highlighting your awesome personality! This chica has it down to the tee! You may want to copy cat this Fashionista!

How To: Accessorize with your favorite pieces of jewels, headbands, turbans—the list goes on. Mix up a few of your accessories and pair them with a bold ensemble that accents your figure and adds contrast by mixing warm and cool colors together.