During the winter, it can be hard for me to wake up early and get ready for class. The last thing I want to do is crawl out of my warm, king sized cloud of a bed and brace the cold weather. I’ll hear my alarm go off but I’ll keep hitting snooze over and over again until I only have a few minutes to be out the door. We all have mornings like this.

With limited time to get ready, I keep makeup to a minimal (if any at all) and I gravitate towards comfortable pieces that I can layer. My go-to outfit is usually my favorite pair of leggings, an oversized sweatshirt, a baseball cap and some really cool athletic shoes. Shoes are a very important part to any outfit. They have the ability to pull together any outfit and even change the whole dynamic of the look.

This Fashionista’s bright orange Reebok sneakers were what first caught my eye about her outfit. Even though she was going for a more casual look, her cool shoes gave her outfit a unique touch. I also liked how the rest of her outfit consisted of a neutral color palette, which allowed her shoes to pop against the darker colors.

How To: For an unexpected twist, pair your favorite dress with your favorite athletic sneakers. By doing this, you’ll counteract out the femininity of the dresses silhouette for a more casual look. If you’re wanting to something more edgy, try out a pair of wedge sneakers for a glamorously sporty look.