ALL IN THE DETAILS: Conservative to Sexy

It has always been said that when dressing up, it is most alluring and mysterious to “leave a little to be desired.” This is something I strongly believe in. I have found that sometimes the sexiest outfits aren’t short-shorts and a low-cut tank top, but rather an ensemble that covers up more but accentuates just the right areas. It takes a while to figure out how to flaunt best features, but once you do, it is stunning. For example, this Fashionista is a tall dancer with legs for days. Of course, jean shorts would be stunning on her, but in my opinion, covering the legs up has just the same effect if done right. This asymmetrical skirt hugs her hips just right and draws your attention all the way down to her beautiful black sandal pumps. As a dancer, her calves are perfectly sculpted and are really shown off by the length of the skirt.

This Fashionista then paired her asymmetrical skirt with a black halter top. Usually, halter-tops can be relatively conservative because they cover everything up to the neck. However, the detail on this shirt is so finely embroidered that it draws attention to her curves. This is the perfect example that simple details can make the biggest difference. This could be a very conservative outfit without the asymmetrical line of the skirt and the cutouts on the top. However, because of these slight alterations, your initial reaction to this outfit is “sexy.” Sexy means something different to everyone, but I personally believe that sometimes, less is more. Less skin showing is oftentimes the sexiest way to go.

How To: Want to embody the “less is more” ideal? Well, figure out what your favorite part of your body is and flaunt it! Try out a hip-hugging maxi skirt or pair of pants. Then pair it with a tight top that accentuates your curves!