ALL IN THE DETAILS: Complicated Doesn’t Always Mean Detailed

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Complicated Doesn’t Always Mean Detailed

I can be the first to tell you that I love complicated styles. I enjoy layers and fine details, but sometimes I believe that we tend to have this misconception that for something to be detailed, it must be complicated or intricate.

There are a lot of small details that we consider when making a fashion choice. Does this pair of earrings match this belt? Does this hat change the overall theme of my outfit? Simple thoughts like this are examples of us thinking about the smallest details.

This Fashionista put a lot of thought into this simple outfit. The first detail that caught my eye was how the black hair bow matched the sparkly silver bow earrings. Originally, she wasn’t going to have the hair bow. She was going to wear a snapback hat instead, but she decided on the bow to keep the style charming when it could have easily come off as casual.

The glitter sweater is a fun reminder of the struggle that all college students face with the weekends just not being long enough. Having the glitter sweater as a lighter color keeps this outfit from becoming too dark. Since, it balances the colors while also pulling in the black from other areas of the outfit with the color of the writing. Finally there are the brown ankle boots which are an interesting choice. The brown color matches the highlights of this Fashionista’s hair while also balancing the other colors in this style. For example, the light cream color of the laces matches the color of the glitter sweater surprising well.

Like a mentioned above, it’s all in the small details. This Fashionista tried to match her makeup to the style of the outfit. The smallest details can change the feel of the outfit; like the decision to wear a hair bow rather than a snapback hat. At the end of the day remember that a detailed outfit doesn’t always have to be a complicated one.