ALL IN THE DETAILS: Comfy Cozy, Easy To Mozy

This Fashionista looks comfy, doesn’t she? She’s wearing something that’s easy to throw on, yet she still looks like she walked out of a Free People catalog. This outfit is fun because of its simplicity. A patterned summer dress, an oversized sweater and booties is all it takes. To add a little sass, this Fashionista has her hair in a high pony tail; this hairdo also works if you’re having one of those lazy days when you only straighten half of your hair. She also wears red lipstick to tie it together with the red dress. You have to love a bold pop of color. As Kate Spade said,“Live colorfully.”

If I have not said it before, at the University of Mississippi, everything is worn big. You may be a size small or medium in a shirt, but in Oxford, you are a large or extra large. This rule goes for apparel, too, so go with the flow in your oversized sweater like this Fashionista did. These booties are nice because they are flat, but edgy. If you’re a total prep like me, these booties are a good transition piece to give yourself a little bit of a twist. Lastly, the necklace. These are very in at the moment. They are kind of vintage looking, almost rustic, but they are a small charm of the state of Mississippi. Because so many people come from different states, this could represent that you’re a Mississippi native, or that it’s close to your heart. You all know how you feel about your alma mater, so I bet you may have something similar that you connect to as well.

How To: Want to copy this cool chick? Here’s how: find your favorite summer dress, a neutral oversized sweater, booties and a simple necklace. That’s it. Since you’re all fashionable, I know all of you have those classic pieces hanging somewhere in your closet.