ALL IN THE DETAILS: Comfort And Style

June 9th, 2015 at 2:10am

One of my biggest problems with the college scene is that a lot of students don’t consider it important to put thought into their everyday outfits—especially guys. Looking good is, for some reason, reserved for the weekend or special occasions, and even then, guys can have trouble figuring out just how dressy to be. Weekdays are no different. It’s quite easy to fall into the routine of khaki shorts and your favorite T-shirt, making you blend into the crowd of tired, underdressed students. My question is, who doesn’t love a well dressed man? Don’t be afraid to get second glances on campus! Just a few minutes of time and effort can easily make you look casually cool.

This Fashionisto caught my eye while he was strolling across campus with a backpack over his shoulder and a coffee in his hand. His simple beanie, glasses and classic Clarks shoes are eye-catching additions to a casual but interesting outfit. Why does it work? His H&M shirt and PacSun pants pair muted colors and simple stripes together. His accessories are noticeable but don’t overpower the look, which shows he put in just enough effort to look put together without trying too hard. Furthermore, a beanie can solve bad hair day problems for guys and girls alike, and walkable shoes like Clarks look classy instead of lazy.

How To: Anyone can wear this look, which is great for going to class, hanging out with friends or running errands. Fashionistas can start with an oversized striped shirt and colored jeans. Add a beanie or a hat, a big leather bag, some statement jewelry and menswear-inspired shoes.